the echo life

Sunday, February 17, 2008

besides the shots, i have some words to say...

i can never have a blogger that is just about fashion. i can't.
therefore, this blog is by no means just about fashion. it's my journal of various encouters with people, on different street, city and country at different time. yes, it's about people i have met, the strangers that catch my eyes from the crowd, the encouters that take place outside the daily context, the moments that linger on my mind, the faces, the expressions, the aura, etc...
i enjoy fashion, but i appreciate personal style much more, which reflects the attitudes, moods, and states of mind. the psychological aspect of style fascinates me, as well as the poetic nature of being drawn to total strangers. words alone are not enough to describe the experience itself, therefore, i let photos speak the volumns.
i would like to thank all the people that happen to be on my photos. it's absolutely beautiful to have met you at one point of the time, and it's your openness that makes the "click" happen.


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