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Sunday, January 27, 2008

the newest update

hi, i have decided this blog will stay the way it was, a mere potopholio of my street fashion portfolio.
i originally planned to make this blog into biligual (in both english and chinese), but due to censorship issues, people in china cannot have the access to view this page, so it's no point of doint that anymore.
therefore, my personal journals will be kept at (in case anyone is interested).
i'm planning to purchase a new portrait lense soon, and travel a bit more in the coming months. my passion for taking portrait of random people is growing again at the moment, so hopefully after a long while of no-updates, this page will revive to its bloom soon.
keep you posted...cheers!


Blogger Madame Mode said...

Hey Luka!
How are you doing?
Once in a while I check your blog, but everytime there is no update. I guess you have been busy a lot ;)
Now I read this post I'm happy you are starting again with taking pictures of people on the street :-D
I was wondering if you still have got my picture?
(it is a while ago we met in Amsterdam)
Let me know!

xx LĂ©onie

9:05 AM  
Blogger luka said...

hi Leonie,
yes, i have been really away from this blog for the past i'm back.
thanks for leaving comment here. actually i still have your pic (sorry haven't contacted you yet). i will scan the page soon and mail it to you, i promise...

3:16 AM  

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